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Application form: Project Finance Registration

General information
First name
Postal code + building number
Location / City
Phone number
Name of Agent Representative
Date of Birth
Date of Incorporation
Registration Number
Company Name
Zip Code
Company Email Address
Does Client Speak English?
If no, preferred language
Translator Name
Translator Number
Translator Email Address
Legal Adviser Name
Company Name
Zip Code
Email Address
Are you raising capital for a church or start-up business?
Are you raising capital for an existing business, real estate or commercial development?
What's the total amount required to fund your project? (Minimum Project Value $10,000,000.00)
Is the project government or private?
Project Name
Approximately, how many years would it take you to build out your project?
Is this your first time raising capital for projects $10M or higher?
To activate your non-collateral service initiative plan, your selected capital deposit requires a minimum of $250,000.00. Can you meet this requirement?
Are you the owner of any U.S. securities?
Are you the owner of any foreign securities?
If accepted, are you able to move your foreign securities to the U.S.?
Is your U.S. or Foreign securities trading at $5 per share or higher or equivalent in local currency with a trading average of 200,000 shares a day?
Does your portfolio value have a minimum of $80k for stock or U.S. government securities and some selected non-government issues?
Are your shares worth at least $85k in value at this time?
Are your securities within an IRA retirement plan, a Keogh plan or are they rule 144 restricted with a restriction that won't come off for 45 days or more?
Are you the owner of the securities, have a passport picture/ID and a matching valid brokerage statement (not a screenshot or list) of the securities?
If you are not the owner, are you direct to the owner (no third party connections permitted) with the above documents in hand (brokerage statement and ID required to proceed)?
Are you the owner of unregistered assets?
If yes, what types?
What is the face value amount?
What registration type required?
What type of order are you purchasing?
If bulk, what amount?
Do you have 3+ years of clean credit history?
Do you have 3+ open revolving credit accounts?
Do you have a 30% or lower revolving debt ratio?
Do you have a minimum 700 credit score
In some cases, 700 or lower credit scores may not meet lender requirements and may require credit assistance, do you have a minimum of $5,000 available?
Have you received more than 6 inquiries per credit bureau in the last 90 days?
Do you earn a minimum of $24,000.00 annually?
How soon are the funds needed and is there a preferred time frame at which funds are to be obtained (1st quarter, 2nd quarter, etc.)?
Does the borrower have the reserves to pay for 3rd party reports (Appraisals due-diligence, etc)?
If need be, will the borrower sign personally?
At what stage is the project in locating the financing?
At this stage of the project, how soon are the negotiating parties able to enroll in the qualification process in order to obtain capital or loan funds?
Amount of own funds already invested to date? (This amount must e verifiable and available upon request)
Description of collateral now present or currently available to be pledged toward the project.
Total value of collateral to be pledged in support of the financing requirement. (Minimum $250,000.00)
Do you own Bitcoin?
If yes, what is the approximate amount in USD? (Based on Current Market Price)
Does the project possess at this time a financial bond such as Bank Guarantee, Letter of Credit, Credit Line, etc...Bonds, Insurance Bond or any other security against which a loan can be issued?
You will be required to submit a MT199/MT799/MT760, ATV or both for offered collateral and must be backed by two bank officers. Upon request, will you able to acquire the backing of your bank?
Can the negotiating party meet a requirement for cost i.e. processing, due-diligence, lender commitment fees or retainer, refundable at closing where or if applicable?
Are funds budgeted, available or will they be made available and verifiable to ensure the costs of application processing can be met?
How long has the company been seeking financing?
What types of financing have been obtained or worked with in the past?
What types of funding will be considered or preferred?
Is the company engaged with other funding sources at this time?
Are you currently generating revenue from this or any other projects? If so, indicate the actual annual revenue for the past 3 years?
What is the total amount of cash funds or existing credit funds that will be brought to the closing table by your group to complete this funding transaction? (Minimum $250,000.00)
Are there any additional assets, cash or other that may assist us with building your financial service plan and profile? If yes, please attach additional documents or statements.
Please indicate the what, if any, of the following are currently available
Completed Business Plan
Pro-forma or Contract Agreements
Management Profile
Organizational Chart
Resumes of the Management
Expected Breakdown use of funds
Bank Guarantee or other collateral instrument
Letter of Intent to supply the instrument from a rated institution
Letter of Intent to fund or loan offer already issued by lender
Cover letter
I hereby agree to the Privacy Statement and that my personal data will be processed. This information will be treated confidentially by us and will only be used for recruitment and selection purposes.

Contact information

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